Welcome to the Huntington’s Initiative. Together, we can do anything. Through the use of genetic modification therapy, stem cells, and CRISPR technology, the sky is the limit. Help us and join the fight. I appreciate and encourage any comments or questions, and can be reached at Bluejenie@gmail.com

If you’re willing, I want you to be a part of it. I’m a fighter. I’m stubborn, and I’m going to fight for a cure or die trying.

I created this website to bring awareness to Huntington’s Disease, not just for me, but for people like my dad, my grandma, and so many others—those who still hope and those who have lost all hope. Since so few people (30,000 Americans and 200,000 at risk) are affected by Huntington’s Disease, the cure seems out of reach. Pharmaceutical companies, however, have never met Antonio Maltese. Mark my words: I’m going to do everything in my power to bring awareness to the first-ever genetically mapped neurodegenerative disease and let everyone know, no matter how big or how small, everyone has a story. Everyone deserves a fighting chance, even the 0.0001%.